Student Blog Challenge week 5

Week 5: Guest bloggers

Every year in November/December Edublogs runs an award program. They ask for nominations for student,class, group, individual blogs and a variety of other things. Once nominations are in, they are looked at and a shortlist is created ready for bloggers around the world to vote on.

The winners for best class blog in 2013 are our guest bloggers for this week’s set of activities. This school runs a journalism course for students in Junior High. They have their own blog where students report on events at the school, interview local people, write about the happenings in their community. This week they have set our challenges.

Once you have visited their blog,  completed your activity and left them a comment, come back here and check out the other things you could do this week.

Click here to visit the Cougar News Blog.

Chose one or two activities to post on your own blogs.

I am looking forward to reading your new posts!

Dare to Care



This week the children at our school have the opportunity to participate in an excellent program called Dare to Care.

The Dare to Care program is a fully comprehensive approach to dealing with bullying and challenges within school communities.

This comprehensive approach involves students, teachers, parents and the community in an effort to eliminate bullying and other dangerous behaviours from their schools and, in turn, create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect.

The Dare to Care program helps school communities, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, create a common language which then allows for more consistent intervention and follow through when dealing with challenging issues.

(From the Dare to Care Website)

Here are some facts the children learned about bulling and bullies during a presentation on Tuesday:

Facts about Bullying:

  • In the average elementary school classroom, two to three students spend their day afraid and in need of help.
  • In Canada, an episode of bullying occurs every 7.5 minutes on the playground and every 20 minutes in the classroom.
  • In any school population: 15% of students are victims of bullying, 6% are doing the bullying and 79% make up the silent majority.
  • Only 4% of bullying incidents are reported to an adult.
  • What is bullying behaviour in elementary school can easily turn into violence by middle and high school.

On Wednesday the children worked in small groups to learn about and practice some powerful strategies for dealing with bullying.  It’s called the HA HA SO strategy.  They wrote about what they learned from this presentation on their own blogs.  Check out their blogs on the side bar!

Student Blog Challenge Week 2

Activity 1 Adding widgets
When adding widgets to your sidebar, go to your dashboard>appearance>widgets> drag text box to sidebar area. Now copy and paste the embed code into your text box.
  • Save then close.
  • If the widget is too wide, you will have to adjust the number next to ‘width’ in the embed code.
  • This might appear more than once in the code.
Activity 2. So that you are known globally, you need to have an avatar that represents you.
But can’t I use a picture from Google?
No, most pictures on Google or other search engines are copyright and belong to someone else.
So here is a fun activity to create an image that represents you. 
You can find instruction to upload your avatar, as well as links to more avatar sites here.
Activity 3. Being such a small world now, many classes take part in global events such as Earth Hour(coming up very soon, so register this week), Safer Internet Day (back in February), Global Read Aloud Day (ideas for books needed), Pi Day (just passed) and Clean Up Day (just passed in Australia). Write a post or posts about special global events you or your class have taken part in. What did you learn from the event? Why should it be global?
Activity 3If I were to visit your state or province, what would be the ‘must see’ places and why?
Activity 4. Create a quiz about your state, country; this website is good for embedding a quiz. Try my quiz about Tasmania

2014 Class Blog Challenge

We are going to be participating in the Class Blogging Challenge, along with classes from around the world.  Each week there will be a new challenge for the class to do.  We will do many of the challenges, but not all! Our first challenge is to introduce ourselves on our CLASS About Me page (we have already written About Me pages for our individual blogs).

We have started working in small groups to create our Paper Slides to introduce our class.  Here are some other examples of Class About me pages to look at.  What information did they include that you think we could add to our own slide shows?

Classes and their about pages

Check out these class blogs and what they have included: Mrs Donofrio explains blog title,Mrs Amri also has a text box widget about the blog, Mrs Hankinson’s class wrote poems in the comments to introduce themselves, Mr Woolley’s class created Vokis and embedded them on a page, these 3rd graders dream big, this 5/6 class created a video, this class from Ireland are great at leaving comments on student blogs around the world, Rebecca’s classhas a great welcome post, this class from Serbia includes a movie about their school.

Still have more time left this week??

  1. Start visiting other blogs listed in our 2014 Class Blog Challenge list (see the right sidebar).
  2. You can add a comment to their blogs.


  • You must include a question, comment, compliment (and) concern.
  • Keep your personal information private.
  • You can ask them to visit our class blog by giving them our address (copy and paste from the address bar at the top).

Have fun!


Pi Day is 03.14! (March 14th)

Friday, March 14th is pi Day!

What is pi day, and why do we celebrate pi day?

Pi is a mathematical idea used to describe the relationship between the circumference (the measurement around) and the radius (the measurement across) a circle.  It is a very interesting number.  Here is an exploration you can do to learn more about pi (click here for a Word version pi day)

 Cutting Pi 

Carefully wrap string around the circumference of your circular object.

Cut the string when it is exactly the same length as the circumference.

Now take your “string circumference” and stretch it across the diameter of your circular object.

Cut as many “string diameters” from your “string circumference” as you can.

How many diameters could you cut?

Compare your data with that of others. What do you notice?

Here is a brief history of pi. 

This is a cool video showing how you can measure pi using pies:


Watch this video (especially the first minute or so) to learn more about what pi is:

Here is a video a grade 5 class made about pi:


Here is a rap song about pi:

Here is a great song just singing the digits of pi.  Each digit has been given a note, which then makes a tune!

Click here to see the first million digits of pi.  How many can you memorize?


Here are some pictures of our class doing the Pi activity:

DSC05587 DSC05588

Alberta Winter

It has been very cold this winter!  One morning last week the children came to school and were talking about how foggy it was outside.  The wind was blowing, and there was just enough snow for it to make visibility very low.  We decided to do an art project to show what it can be like to live in Alberta.

Here are some pictures of our work:

DSC05511 DSC05512 DSC05513 DSC05514 DSC05515 DSC05516 DSC05517 DSC05518 DSC05519 DSC05520 DSC05521 DSC05522 DSC05523 DSC05524 DSC05525 DSC05526 DSC05527 DSC05528 DSC05529 DSC05530 DSC05531 DSC05532


DSC05558 DSC05559 DSC05560


Alberta weather is very unique.  The extremes in temperature bring many opportunities and challenges.  Here are some of our thoughts:


Entrepreneurial Adventure Reflection

We successfully finished our Entrepreneurial Adventure!

DSC05483 DSC05484

There were a lot of steps involved in this project!


We had to do some math to figure out how much each candy would cost:

DSC05474 DSC05473 DSC05472 DSC05471

We had to make some models:


We had to make some posters:

DSC05487 DSC05486 DSC05485

We wrote an announcement to read over the PA in the mornings:

Olivia: Hi St.Isabella students

the grade 4 TS class are here to tell you that we are selling origami boxes of stickers for Valentine’s Day.

Arianna: They are only  $1.00 for one box or one box and 2 stickers for $1.25

Both: So come down and get a box to support the Humane Society.

We are selling boxes on Friday February 7th, Monday February 10th and Wednesday, February 12th in front of the gym.

We also wrote a post for the school Newsletter:

Mrs. Tschofen and the 4TS Students

The grade 4TS class is selling handcrafted Origami Boxes with stickers inside for
Valentine’s Day as part of our Entrepreneurial Adventure project to raise money for
the Calgary Humane Society. Prices are $1.00/box, and $0.25 per sticker or $1.25
for 1 box and 2 stickers. We will be selling on Friday, February 7th, Monday,
February 10th, and Wednesday, February 12th. Thank you for your support.

We practiced counting money so we could make our sales:

DSC05488 DSC05489

We had the opportunity to share what we have been doing with Bruce and Garry from the Entrepreneurial Adventure, our partner from the Bank of Montreal Janice, and Charmaine, who is the Religion consultant for our school board.  The children worked in small groups to plan a short presentation to each of our guests.  We also learned about how to greet guests, shake hands, make eye contact, and introduce guests to our group.









We did some Market Research to confirm that people would want to buy our products, and at what price.  Click here to see our survey.

2014 Market Research for Valentine’s Candy Boxes

By ______________________________________________

Question 1: Which of these two boxes would you prefer? The Star Box or the Heart Box? (TABLE)

Question 2: For the box you have chosen, which of these colours would you prefer?

 Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green.

Question 3: For the box you have chosen, how much would you be willing to pay?

Less than $1.00, $1.00 or more than $1.00

Question 4: For the box you have chosen, which candy would you prefer? 2 pop rocks, 1 rocket, 1 heart sucker


StarBox Red Pink Orange Yellow Green -$1.00 $1.00 +$1.00 2 pop rocks rocket Heart sucker
Boys 2 6 8 1 15 16 15 6 11 9 10
Girls 6 13 3 1 6 8 14 5 18 3 13
Male 0 0 4 1 2 1 4 1 2 1 3
Female 4 2 1 0 6 2 0 0 1 5

As part of our Market Research two of the children in our class interviewed Mr Orr, our principal.  He gave us an unexpected answer to our question about which candy he would choose.  He said he would prefer a healthy choice!  As a result of this we did a little more research and had another class discussion.  Some of the things we thought about was whether it would be a good idea to sell candy, especially to the little kids in Div 1.  We know that there is a Health Club in the school and wondered how they would feel if we were selling candy.  We found out that the school board asks schools not to sell/give away sugary treats.  We also discussed how we know that some clubs have bake sales in the school, and many children expressed their concern that we would be able to make more sales if we sell candy.

This was an important moment in our business.  We had an important decision to make: should we continue to sell candies, or try to find something else?  The children had to weigh their desire to make as many sales as they can, in order to raise money for our charity against the possible negative impacts of selling candy.  We discussed alternative things we could sell in the boxes, but could not come up with anything we agreed on.  After much discussion we took a vote, and a small majority of children wanted to continue to sell the candy.  As the CEO of the company I added my vote, which was to not sell the candy and continue to find an alternative.   The class seemed split on this question for now.

After some more research we decided to sell valentines stickers instead, and all the children seemed satisfied with this decision.

Finally, we were ready to sell!  Here are some pictures of our sales days:







The final step in our process will be to do a self-evaluation of what worked and what didn’t. Students, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible.